Protect Yourself From Rental Fraud:

Don’t fall for a rental scam.  Safemedtraveler provides you the tools to verify your potential rental property and locate  a safe neighborhood.

Start today with the Free Phone Number Check.  Verify the person you are talking to on the phone about your new rental is accurately representing themselves.

Traveler’s Tool Kit

Reverse Phone Look-Up – Free

Verify who is listing the property on craigslist or similar unregulated advertisement? Make sure the person is who they say they are before you become a victim of the much too common property leasing scams.

Background Check – $10.00

Learn more about the person you are planning to conduct business with and reduce your chances of being a victim. Conduct a National Criminal Background check.

Property Verification – $4.00

Instantly research the property to discover the owner’s name and mailing address, occupancy status, basic property characteristics, last sale date, and mortgage information.

Crime Map

Coming Soon…

Sex Offender Map – Free Link

Scan neighborhoods of interest for registered sex offenders, map and information provided free.

Consulting Services

Need something more?  We offer customized safety and security consultations. Just click here.

Background Check

Thankfully we live in a world that enables us to thoroughly vet potential Landlords and Roommates. Background checks are one of the most comprehensive and secure ways to do so. It is always important to get all of the information possible in order to avoid certain risks and dangers. Before you decide to move into property, trust Safe Med Traveler to run a thorough background check. Background checks are essential to protecting the safety and security of traveling medical professionals and should always be a first step.

Property Verification

Verify ownership records before spending additional efforts and resources on the screening of short-term housing.  If you are working with someone on Facebook MarketPlace or another online vendor, ask several verification questions before sending over personal information.  Never send security deposits until all information has been verified.

Safemed Traveler

Reverse Phone Look-Up

If you have requested information on a potential short-term housing solution for upcoming travel, simply type in the number to see if the name matches who you are believed to be speaking to.  Our quick, accurate and effective Reverse Phone Look-Up will beat scammers and put their phone numbers on notice.  Make sure the person is who they say they are before meeting them in person.

Crime and Sex Offender Mapping

Know the level of threats before you travel via our crime map. Review the neighborhood and the surrounding areas before booking your stay. Also, search for Sex Offenders in the area.