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We are a small team here at Safemedtraveler LLC. I am a spouse traveler…

My spouse Sharon has been an OT (Occupational Therapist) traveler since 2012. As a contract federal investigator and security specialist, I would conduct what we call threat assessments for the area Sharon was traveling, and it worked out to a point.

I began traveling with Sharon in 2017 and we are still traveling today. The healthcare traveling life is fun and exciting and have made some fantastic friends along the way.

The biggest downside to traveling is HOUSING –  wow, it is difficult, frustrating and time-consuming. If you are a frequent traveler you dream of one day owning an RV to take away the stress of the whole housing part of the assignment  If you don’t own an RV, you have to rely on housing advertisements, and you may have encountered what we encountered – scams everywhere –  on Craigslist,  Facebook Marketplace, and  Home Share sites (Airbnb/VRBO).  Sadly, Facebook travel and housing groups have also been breached by fradulaent rental advertisements.  It’s not just the housing itself you have to be careful about – it’s also the location – is it safe?  These experiences are really frustrating and take away the excitement of a new assignment not to mention the many wasted hours spent doing housing research.  On the flip side, we have  also discovered that landlords also experience frustration and difficulties with prospective tenants; there is a level of trust involved and a hope that their property will be taken care of and treated with respect.

In frustration, I took our experiences to my colleagues for advice and they have helped us put together this site.  We have created some fantastic tools for you to use and plan to add more items in the coming months. So our team of an OT, federal investigator and fluffy doodle has made this our passion project. Our goal is to help the search for housing go smoothly, and help keep you safe and aware.

Safe and Happy Travels!


And…  Angus Walker – Texas Ranger 😉

User Information

Travelers will be able to conduct various checks via online tools in order to secure safe and legitimate accommodation. Travelers will be able to conduct the following; criminal background checks on individuals renting accommodations, property owner verification, reverse phone lookup, review crime maps of desired locations which denote unsafe areas, view locations of registered convicted sex offenders and request a personal security consultant.